Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

Question:  Do I need a fishing license?

Answer:  No you do not, I have a commercial license which covers all passengers on board.

Question:  Do you supply food and drinks?

Answer:  I supply bottled water on board but do not supply food.  You are welcome to bring food and snacks.

Question:  Can we bring alcoholic beverages on board?

Answer:  Yes you may but encourage sobriety during the charter to prevent injuries.

Question:  Can we bring a cooler on board?

Answer:  Yes you can bring your own cooler on board with food and any additional beverages.

Question:   Do you supply sunscreen?

Answer:  I do not supply sunscreen but do encourage the use of it due to our very hot climate.

Question:  Do you supply all of the fishing tackle and gear or do I need to bring my own?

Answer:   I do supply all of the tackle and gear and you will not need to bring anything. 

Question:  Do you have a restroom on board?

Answer:   I do not have a restroom on board but can usually get to a restroom facility within 5-10 minutes while

on the water.

Question:  Do you accept credit cards?

Answer:   Yes I do, Visa & Mastercard accepted.

Question:  Where do I (we) meet you?

Answer:   I launch from the Carl Johnson  boat ramp at Lover's Key State Park which is located at 8700 Estero Blvd,

Ft. Myers   Beach, FL  33931.

Question:  What types of fish might we catch?

Answer:   Estero Bay is filled with many seasonal fish depending on the time of year.  Some typical types of fish that

can be caught are Snook, Redfish (Red Drum), Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead, Spotted Seatrout, Black Drum,

Flounder, Pompano, Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Whiting, Spanish Mackerel, Ladyfish and several types of Shark. 

Question:  Can we keep fish for consumption?

Answer:   Yes, if the fish is in season and meets the required size limits.  I will gladly fillet the fish for you at no

additional cost.

Question:  Do I need to bring insect repellent?

Answer:  Yes, I encourage it since at times the insects can make fishing uncomfortable.

Question:  Are you licensed and insured?

Answer:  Yes I am fully insured and licensed with the United States Coast Guard.

Question:  Do you offer sightseeing tours or restaurant tours on the water?

Answer:   Yes I do.  I will do my best to accommodate your needs.


                                                                    Captain Charley (239) 398-7714